WiFi For School Buses and More

Students today are tech savvy. They connect to the world and each other in new ways each day and it's nearly impossible to draw them away from their cell phones. However, they are also engaging with today's advancements in ways that improve their academic experience, and you can enhance it further. With SinglePoint, you can provide free high-speed Internet that allows students to complete homework assignment and research opposing athletic teams during their long commutes, all on a secured network. You can make the ride even more productive, safe and engaging.


Students in grades K-12 may travel up to an hour to and from school. WiFi In Motion allows kids to complete assignments on the go in a protected environment as SinglePoint provides CIPA-compliant products. With the focus on safety, you will provide students with secured Internet access. This is particularly great for schools that engage in one-to-one computing programs. The dog-ate-my-homework excuse won't fly when students have access to WiFi In Motion. Students will be able to access homework, which is commonly posted online now, and even complete the work before arriving home.


Today, SinglePoint is here to make a dream a reality, offer bandwidth shaping services and content filtering to provide you with unlimited restriction options while improving the quality of the content viewed and WiFi service provided. Jon Stanford, Ohio State and UT-Austin in pioneering the future of education!

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