Long-Haul Trucking

With WiFi In Motion, long-haul truckers can now easily stay in touch with family and friends. They can also use the internet to access music services Ike Pandora and rock out to their favorite tunes to break up the monotony of the drive. Gone are the days when you'd have to stop at rest stations and diners to get the news. Now you can get everything you need no matter where you are. The power is available right at your fingertips.

Economic Benefits

Truckers can also use SinglePoint, to check in on the status of an order and immediately know when it is ready for pickup. This also allows their suppliers to inform them, however they deem fit, of any delays or changes regarding the pickup. Meanwhile, their boss knows exactly where they're at, keeping the line of communication open and ensuring a smooth delivery.
Bottom line? Truckers would rather have their own network signal rather than relying on someone else's tech team to keep it running right. You get the peace of mind of knowing you're connected safely and not susceptible to hackers or any other kind of intrusion.

WiFi In Motion

WiFi In Motion is a must to transform each vehicle in your fleet into a mobile hotspot, allowing passengers to connect to the internet via their laptops, tablets and other WiF enabled devices.

Benefits of WiFi In Motion

• Boost revenue. Most passengers will gladly view advertisements in exchange for free WiFi access. With our revolutionary advertising module, you get paid for putting ads in front of customers.
• Keep tabs on your network. Effortlessly manage your network and track WiFi usage across your fleet with our exclusive software.

Remote Management

Our products offer reliable remote management software, allowing you to have full control of WiFi usage, networking settings and more to ensure your connection is as stable as possible. Now you can take control of your WiFi network all from the comfort of ... anywhere!

Best Router For Long Haul Trucking