Vehicle and Boat Manufacturers

SinglePoint is constantly working to deliver innovative products. We work directly with vehicle manufacturers of all kinds to deliver pre-configured WiFi enabled devices that can be installed on the factory floor. Now, OEMs can offer vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology right out of the box. We make the process of adding WiFi simple, handling the hardware, software and wireless back-haul needs, as well as supporting manufacturers' customers. SinglePoint makes this process easy for you as we have ample experience meeting lead times and we understand the intricate nuances required when working directly with vehicle manufacturers. For this reason, we also provide individual part SKUs with labeling and know the importance of dock date arrivals for just-in-time products.
The whole process is simple. Once the system is installed, the customers are happy. Your customer is looking to bring the home experience on the road. Whether you're talking about a college basketball player heading to a tournament, a long-range trucker heading cross-country or just a family taking a trip on a boat, having constant access. WiFi is pivotal to getting things done, no matter where people are located. Today, people don't just want to travel and relax. They want to check email, watch a movie, reach friends, call family and post on social media, all before the trip makes it's first stop. This innovative technology allows them to do just that.

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