Mass Transit

WiFi For Commuters

Today's transit customers don't want to sit by and wait idly for their trip to end. They want to stay connected. As the generation that can't focus on one thing at a time, customers want to enjoy the ride while surfing the internet, emailing and watching a movie...all at the same time. They want the same high-quality experience in the comfort of their home and during their commute each day.

By offering your customers free high-speed internet access, you can help them reclaim lost time. With SinglePoint, you both win as there are just as many benefits to you.

SinglePoint provides you with a 4G router and an optional rugged antenna that mounts atop your vehicle. When combined with one of our multi-carrier data solutions for expanded coverage and increased bandwidth, the device delivers all the connectivity your riders want without breaking your budget.

Improve Your Business

• Cultivate loyal riders by providing an unforgettable experience.
• Open the door for new advertising revenue streams.
• Take advantage of cutting-edge transit solutions.
• Power customizable on-board operations systems like automatic passenger counters, security cameras and payment options.
• Allow passengers to log in via their favorite social media sites (Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter) and access invaluable demographics information.

WiFi In Motion

WiFi In Motion is a must to transform each vehicle in your fleet into a mobile hotspot, allowing passengers to connect to the internet via their laptops, tablets and other WiF enabled devices.

Benefits of WiFi In Motion

• Boost revenue. Most passengers will gladly view advertisements in exchange for free WiFi access. With our revolutionary advertising module, you get paid for putting ads in front of customers.
• Keep tabs on your network. Effortlessly manage your network and track WiFi usage across your fleet with our exclusive software.

Remote Management

Our products offer reliable remote management software, allowing you to have full control of WiFi usage, networking settings and more to ensure your connection is as stable as possible. Now you can take control of your WiFi network all from the comfort of ... anywhere!

Captive Portal

WiFi In Motion° products support customisable captive portals that allow passengers to log in with Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter. As they log in, you can pull insightful reports on demographics. Now you can brand your transit WiFi as you wish.

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