Your service should remain constant even when you're on the go, and it will with SinglePoint at your side. Whether you are checking email, making a safe and secure banking transaction or perusing the internet, you will be able to easily connect while visiting America's National Parks, spending the summer at sea or working remotely at various locations.

By creating your own hotspot on your RV, boat or another vehicle, you'll never have to search for that always-elusive wireless network again. Expect lightning-fast speeds and quality that will not be compromised as the access will be limited to just yourself, your family and whomever else is traveling with you. Public hotspots can be slow, unreliable and prone. security issues. Private hotspots eliminate the hassle and ensure you'll stay safe with your own bulletproof network.


With WiFi as Wan, not only will you be powered by cellular networks, you will also have the option to connect to external WiFi sources. Are you on a boat? Connect at a nearby marina. Went camping in your RV? Those parks often provide free WiFi you can link with as well. The router uses the external WiFi network as the Internet source instead of utilizing a cellular connection. Ultimately, it's just another way we save you money.

WiFi In Motion

Surfing the 'net is simpler than ever with WiFi In Motion•. Our rugged routers, that come with rubber duck antennas, allow you to set bandwidth limits for family members, block harmful online content and surf the web at lightning-fast speeds. Simply choose-your WiFi In Motion,' router, antenna and optional accessories. Select your data plan and you're ready to roll.

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